What is this?

Data journalism has existed since at least the 1800s. But in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, journalism is still slow to innovate, with only a handful of outlets doing any data reporting.

This newsletter is an attempt to explore what data journalism could be in that part of the world.

Who am I?

My name is Nicu Calcea, and I’m a data journalist based in London, UK. I’m currently at BBC News, and before that, I did data at the New Statesman and a couple other places. I also teach data journalism at City, University of London.

For the purposes of this newsletter, I’m just a guy with a computer and too much free time.

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What’s up with the name?

Samizdat was a form of self-publishing in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc, largely of banned or censored texts. Data is, well, data.

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Nicu Calcea

Data Journalist @ BBC News